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Band/Strings Classes for 2017-18

For those students who would like to take part in our strings/band classes for the 2017-18 school year, here is some information about our program:

- Our classes are offered afterschool, once a week for 45 minutes and we provide the instruments typically for our students for a one time yearly payment to SMTF. 

- We offer band instruction on flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion with Mr. Bowman (Castillero MS) and our middle/high school volunteers. 

-We offer strings instruction on violin, viola, cello (by raffle) and electric bass (by raffle) with Mrs. J and our middle/high school volunteers. Cello & Electric Bass are limited instruments, however you can provide your own. 

If your child is interested in participating in our program, we ask that you fill out the below form as an intent to register for the classes in the Fall 2017. 

Intent to Register for Simonds Band/Strings 2017-18

If you or your child is unsure which instruments are offered, please click here for a short presentation that you can click through to see the different instruments being offered. 

Why Join Simonds Band & Strings Classes? 

Please feel free to e-mail Mrs. Johnson with any questions.