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It's Time to Celebrate!!!! We DID IT!

SMTF has reached its Fundraising Goal for this year! Please join us for a FREE DRESS DAY and a POPSICLE PARTY on Friday, May 17th. Popsicles will be served after lunch.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated and supported SMTF this year!

We Need Volunteers!

SMTF is in desperate need for a Walk-A-Thon chairperson. The Walk-A-Thon is one of the most popular event at Simonds. Without a chairperson to oversee and plan the Walk-A-Thon, this event cannot continue. Our beloved Walk-A-Thon is in real jeopardy of being canceled without your support!

SMTF also needs someone to step up and volunteer to be our Vice-President of Fundraising to help plan our traditional events and raise funds for programs next year.

There is a real chance that the programs and activities your children enjoy through SMTF will cease to exist next year unless we get some volunteers. Please continue to support SMTF and sign up to volunteer today!

Please reach out to Kristin O’Leary at or Genevieve Burk at if you would like to volunteer for any of these positions.

The SMTF Board would like to extend a huge thank you to Julie Boncher, Michelle Stanley, Amanda Booth and the whole Gala & Auction Committee for a wonderful event held last month! They helped SMTF raise over $45,000 to help support our music, choir, strings, band, and technology programs!

The 2018 Simonds Space Walk in October was a great success and we want to thank all Simonds' students, families, volunteers and sponsors for your wonderful participation at this SMTF Fundraiser!  We had more than 450 students walking and raised over $50,000 for our school's music and technology programs.  Thank YOU very much! 

We are very grateful for all the Back-To-School Direct Drive contributions from Simonds families and members of the community. Simonds' vibrant music and technology programs are funded by parents and sponsors like you for the children attending Simonds Elementary School. 

SMTF is grateful for all the contributions received so far this school year. All money raised go towards our music and technology programs for Simonds students.

Last school year, SMTF was able to fund the weekly music program for K through 5th grade, approve the purchase of two new carts of MacBook for 5th grade classes, improve the sound system in the cafeteria, purchase new instruments for the strings program, and much more.

The Foundation accepts donations all year long! Our financial need this year is $250,000. Every child participates. Every child benefits.

  • Mail a check payable to SMTF to the Simonds Music and Technology Foundation, 6515 Grapevine Way, San Jose, CA 95120.

  • Stop by Simonds Elementary School office during school hours with your donation.

  • Donate online.

Thank You, donors and corporate Sponsors!

Thank you to individual contributors and community businesses that are supporting the Foundation this current school year.

Your donation is tax deductible and directly supports the students at Simonds Elementary School.

Our Tax ID is 77-0572986.


corporate matching

Click here if you're interested in getting your employer to match your donation to SMTF.

corporate sponsorship

Learn more about our sponsors and corporate sponsorship on our Corporate Sponsors page.